What Are the Important Car Accessories That You Should Have?

Do you have a brand new sedan or is it an old reliable pickup? Whatever the model is, it needs a few important accessories to help you in dire situation. Are you planning to go for a long travel in your car? You should make sure you have a few important accessories for your car. What are the important car accessories you should have?


Modern accessories to increase your comfort

  1. Gel cushion – Sitting for a long time in the driver’s seat will leave your bottom aching. Gel cushion fits into your bottom perfectly. This will leave you comfortable for hours together.
  2. Neck cushion pillow – A long car journey strains your neck and leaves you uncomfortable.  You should have a head rest that provides full support to your neck. Neck cushion pillow will keep your neck supported and comfortable.

Must have electronic gadgets

  1. Mobile holder – Mobile phones carelessly placed in cars or in pockets tend to fall down during jerks and sudden break. You may misplace it somewhere. A mobile holder will hold your mobile phone safely. Some new cars like a few models of Toyota car have build in mobile holders. If your car doesn’t have one, it is an utmost necessity.
  2. Universal high speed mobile charger – Every individual has become over dependent on his smart device. Your life seems to come to an end if the battery your mobile phone or tablet has no charge. A universal high speed charger will assure you that your smart device’s battery is fully charged until the end of your journey.
  3. GPS navigator – Gone are the days when you have to spread large maps to know the routes for your destination. It is a fact that your smart devices have GPS tracking facilities but if you are travelling to a remote place the chances are that you may lose connectivity. When you have a GPS navigator, you need not worry about connectivity problems.

Must have accessories for emergencies

  • Puncture kit – You need not worry about being left stranded when your car has a flat tire. Puncture kits are a blessing to carry on your journey uninterrupted even after a puncture. Tools like ‘fix a flat’ will help you to fix the problem in a jiffy.
  • Window breaker – Everyone wants to have a safe journey but unexpected situations do rise. You may be involved in a car crash unexpectedly. Window breaking tool and seat belt cutting tool are essential to save your life in such situations. Small cutter and breaker connected to your key chain will be of great help in emergency situations.
  • Tool kit – ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a popular saying. A loose nut or a loose bolt can cause a lot of problems. A tool kit will help you to tighten them to avoid big problems. Most top car brands like Toyota have specific tool kits. Toyota accessories can help you is getting the most from your cars, be it in

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This statistic offers a rating of the top car manufacturers worldwide in 2014, primarily based on the number of motor vehicles bought worldwide. Based in the midst of booming Atlanta, Georgia Tech has long been an automotive powerhouse with a powerful FSAE workforce. Overall, with 33 corporations and mixed income of 232 billion euros (+ 18.0 {d2a7d145c69eed337ce44484c02d75a2a19c22050b4c33559ee2027e8b457a95}) Japanese suppliers continue to constitute the largest group among the top one hundred. Last, however not least, the worldwide automobile suppliers are all mentioned in our chart of prime suppliers. Naresh additionally serves as a enterprise coach to several entrepreneurs and assists them in their excessive development trajectory and in constructing a world class organization.

The Suzuki Motor Corporation established in 1909 in Japan, is the automotive chief in the Asian market. In the current state of affairs, the automotive sector is contributing round 7{d2a7d145c69eed337ce44484c02d75a2a19c22050b4c33559ee2027e8b457a95} in direction of the nation’s GDP and employing almost 19 million people immediately or not directly. Established in 1947 in South Korea, Hyundai may be young, however it’s one of the main automotive manufacturers on the planet. The European market share of Nissan is about 2.4{d2a7d145c69eed337ce44484c02d75a2a19c22050b4c33559ee2027e8b457a95}. The worldwide sales for the company are calculated at about 5 million models.

In truth, Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi, Volkswagen India chief representative, president and MD, said that it’s a nice campaign launched by the Indian authorities to promote nation’s manufacturing sector, which will certainly prove to be useful for each investors and folks. Besides the Michigan Wolverines, Arbor Web also lists dozens of leagues, casual teams, and particular person sports activities in a complete web site. The availability of simple finance schemes has triggered the automotive sector development in India.

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