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What To Do If Your Driver’s License is Suspended

There are several reasons the court suspends the driver’s license of a person, and the more common one is if the person is driving under the influence. A period between 180 days to one suspension of driver’s license under a state law, is given to a person if he or she is caught driving under the influence or DUI. If a driver is in this circumstance, there are some things that the driver can do.

Several drivers with suspended licenses, even with the admonitions not to drive, would still continue to drive and ignore the restrictions given to them. If a driver is labelled as a “habitual traffic offender”, the law has several punishments that it would be a mistake not to adhere to it. The consequence of this could have on effect on your employment, future academic, and other options.

Some drivers would not adhere to court-ordered programs and this will lead to another suspension. A convicted driver should not miss a session about alcohol treatment program, for missing this session will result to a suspension.
Depending on the driver’s record, a driver could be eligible to request for reinstatement of his or her driver’s license after some time. To help a driver explore and petition for reinstatement, the person can hire a DUI lawyer. For first timers offenders, eligibility for hardship reinstatement is possible soon after their suspensions are ordered. But for first time offenders, completion of all court-ordered programs are to be completed to be eligible for reinstatement.
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Know that if you are a repeat offender, your options for your license would be few, and if you are convicted for the third time, you will have to wait for two years before you are eligible for reinstatement.
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There are states that would exempt mopeds and motorcycles from licensing requirements, and if your license is suspended in those states, you can legally drive these kinds of vehicles on public roads.

The various charges that could lead to a suspension of your driver’s license would be like refusal to give breath sample or impaired driving, stunt or dangerous driving or exceeding 50 km per hour over limit, if you flee from the accident scene like hit and run, fleeing from the police, if you exceed 15 demerit points on your license, failure to pay parking tickets and speed tickets, and other fines.

While under suspension, a certain country would prohibit a driver from operating any motorized vehicle that has gas or electrically powered engine, and these vehicles would include cars, truck, bus, motorcycle, taxi, trailer, snowmobile, aircraft, heavy equipment machineries, etc., whether on public or private roads.

It could gain you a criminal record if you have a suspended driving charge since this is not just a motor vehicle infraction but a crime.